rag  doll          

                                                                  PHANTOM ADVENTURE

                                                                                                                                                    FROM  1892                                                

                                                                                                                                         Frew magazine cover

  Written by Claes Reimerthi this 2-part Phantom story takes us back to year 1892 in London and Scotland. Our hero is coming from

America to England and gets involved with dark plans of  a Scottish nationalist group called Skeandhu which mean "Black Dagger".

The group organizises terror explosions in London and one of those ties Phantom into their plans.


                                          While Phantom travels by train to Euston Station he meets a young woman and her daughter

                                           in his lounge wagon. The girl has a very dear ragdoll which comes significant later.


                                           All three leave the train in Euston and Phantom goes to find a porter for the mother

                                           and her little girl, but a sudden strong explosion changes everything and Phantom´s

                                           travel  companions were torn into pieces.


                                                                Only the singed and mangled ragdoll was left of them. 

                               The terrible and ruthless act raged Phantom and urged him to find out  who was behind the

                                horrible attack agains innocent people.  Step by step he got closer the anachistic group of

                                 Black Dagger lead by a Scotsman called colonel Wolfe who planned to steal England´s 

                                 Crown Treasure from Tower.


                                                 The robbers enter to Tower through The Gate of Traitors.                                             And then to Treasure Chamber.

                                                                          Meanwhile few of them has got Phantom their prisoner and they were in a boat

                                                                           loaded with explosives going to destroy Westminster Bridge and causing that

                                                                           way confusion and disorder to help them to disappear with their plunder.


                                                                              The story goes on in the next part called The Curse of Black Annis.

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