Achilles Wiggen, my longest own comic serie was also my way to my Phantom-work.  While working with the riding comics, which started my in-

ternational comic-work,  I was bored of drawing stables, horses and little girls for years.  I made few pages of an adventurous space opera,  where

a Swedish jet-pilot was taken inside an alien spaceship for a purpose to save the planet of the aliens.  I thought that Swedish Semic Press, my emp-

loyer, had so many comic-magazines that one of those could have room for me too. But when I took my pages to Semic, the pages were swallowed

inside the big organisation for weeks  ( actually I haven´t seen them ever again )  and after long time I was contacted by the Phantom-department of

the house and thus I became a Phantom-artist and my own story was forgotten. 

    A five years passed after my first try to have my own comic story published.   In 1983 I tried again making a bit revised edition from the same

story as before. Even if I had possessed the original pages, I should have drawn new pages, because during the passed years the Swedish Airforce

had changed it´s principal fighter from Draken to Viggen.  This time my boss Ulf Granberg accepted my story and I had two works to manufacture,

The Phantom and my own Achilles Wiggen. 

  Along the all episodes of Wiggen Ulf Granberg   translated my english scripts to swedish form. He made only a slight editing  concerning the dialog

as he usually did to all Phantom scripts written by various scriptwriters.  But with the case of Wiggen he went further  - at first he rightfully stayed

as translater, but later he suddenly (without any consulting with me) published himself in the printed magazine as the writer of story. 

      That perversion of the facts is thoroughtly handled on other subsite;    You´ll go to there from here:    CLICK! 

  The first parts of Wiggen took place in space.  In the beginning the Swedish jet-pilot captain Achilles Wiggen was captured by alien race and ta-

ken to deep space to the homeplanet of unaxians.   They needed his help to fight  asmoroog-clones who were conquering their planet.   Next parts

were fighting agains those clones and Wiggen managed to destroy their  plans to occupy a planet after a planet  with help of JPX, an unaxian bioid.

Then the story turned to an odysseia asWiggen is trying to return back to Earth.


                                 I used to handle well-known mysteries in this serial of Wiggen. Here are the ships and the aeroplanes

                                 which have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle and transformed outside the planet Atla... which we

                                 know as Proxima Centauri. 



                                       Wiggen´s space-adventures turned a time-travel odyssey and from ancient Mars he finally

                                       managed to return to Earth... But...



                                        ... when Wiggen reached his home planet he was 65 million of years back in time and

                                        that time was very deadly for human beings, as well as tiny bioids like JPX...


   In Wiggen I was using some  theories  which  has been interested  people,  The Bermuda Triangle,  the missing planet between Mars and Jupiter,

the theory of dinosauroids - an intelligent dinosaur-race and the explanation for Egyptian queer gods...  When the story turned to time-travelling in

Earth´s history, I picked many familiar things from my childhood and  used them  like a background  of the incidents...  Robin Hood and his merry

men, The Three Musketeers, Custer´s last stand etc. On they time-travel toward their own time from the time of dinosaurs,  Wiggen and his  three

companions visited The Garden of Eden, the ancient Egypt and Rome, Robin Hood´s England, the time of Vikings, France in 17th Century, Ame-

rican wild frontier in 18th Century and finally the Wild West in 1876 when Wild Bill Hickok was killed and Custer was defeated in Little Bighorn.


       Wiggen and his companions meet the dinosauroids...                       Achilles Vigenius Praeclarus outside Nero´s palace in Rome...



                     Custer´s last stand in Little Bighorn 1876.                                        Wiggen in Wild West looking for his beloved princess. 



     When I was young and read a lot of adventurous books one of my favorites were Zane Grey´s wild west stories, but especially his trilogy from

the American Frontier in Ohio and Kentucky, delawares, wyandots and the people of Fort Henry, and his hero from real history, Lewis Wetzel...

I placed on of the latest Wiggen adventures to that surrounding and presented Wetzel in the story.

   My Wiggen-serial stopped aprubtly because of Egmont´s policy of  not producing own comics except the Phantom,  but I still hope to continue

Achilles Wiggen one day.  To bring him to his own time... Well, because he has been travelling in space faster-than-light few times, it shall be futu-

re, not his natural own lifetime.  We´ll see... 

  The manuscript part updated 10.9.2015