Achilles Wiggen was my own continuous science fiction serial  which I created in 1983 - 2005. It was published in

     Swedish Fantomen magazine and the examples above show clearly what happened to the serial  when it was published

         in magazine. The credit of who has created the manuscript of the 22 parts of the serial was stolen from the true

                          scriptwriter.  The translater of the scripts has made himself as the writer of serial.   

                          So, how this perversion of the facts has been possible?

                                                     The curious case of the manuscript of Achilles Wiggen:    

Along the all episodes of Wiggen the managing editor of Fantomen Ulf Granberg   translated my english scripts to swedish form. He made only a

slight editing  concerning the dialog as he usually did to all Phantom scripts written by various scriptwriters.  But with the case of Wiggen he went

further  - at first he rightfully stayed  as translater, but later he suddenly (without any consulting with me) published himself in the printed magazine

as the writer of story.  That was very insulent act, but I was not in the position to complain it because it was so serious matter that an open quarrell

between him and me would have stopped the production of the entire comic and in  the worst case stopped my career in the company. So I stayed

quiet waiting for better time to correct that treacherous act.  That time became  actual and necessary when the all 22 parts of Achilles Wiggen had

a possibility to be published in album form and because the person who has caused the whole mess  is not in Egmont any more after he retired on

a pension.

  And when he found out that there was a confusion of the rights concerning who is the real writer of Wiggen, he claimed that it all was a misunder-

standing and mistake and that he never had claimed that he had been the creator of the manuscript of Wiggen.  This is very contradictory compa-

red to the information in those Fantomen issues in which Achilles Wiggen was published.    In those issues it was clearly printed on the title page: 

"Intrig & teckning:   Kari Leppänen"  and  "Text: Ulf Granberg".  ( Intrig = intrigue, plot    teckning = drawing      text = manuscript), 

.  But if mister Granberg thoughtlessly and indifferently did mean  that the "text" was meaning "Swedish text" which he had done while translating my

English script and editing it , it gave every reader the wrong impression that he had done the original script for the story.  And probably only after

my  synopsis.  In his position as managing editor of the magazine he knew well what he was doing and it only sounds as pitiful  defensive attempt

to explain of what he has done when he is calling it "misunderstanding and mistake".  It was unforgiving act and insult towards the one who is the true

creator of the product and   thoughtless deed to cause discomfort  and disappointment to him.    And more thoughtless because by doing it he also

jeopardized his good reputation in case to be exposed - which usually happens sooner or later.

  To use in printed magazine the form   "text: Ulf Granberg"   it also told, besides the average readers,    to people who have listed Wiggen

serial in the net with full information, that the "text" means the writer of the script.  So it is futile to claim by Ulf Granberg  that it was all misunder-

standing and mistake.

Moreover he has claimed that he was the ideabank in the serial, which he probably was in his mind.  He really sometimes had own ideas what

could happen in the story,   but those were not usable and I didn´t like them because the next parts have been already clear in my mind. And I

did not like that he changed (without asking me) some names in the serial and also renamed Wiggen´s parts at first.  Later, when the entire serial

was published in a Finnish science-fiction magazine,  I returned original titles and corrected his childish tampering of the Swedish version. I had

decided  before I started  to make the whole  project  that  it´ll  be for younger readers,   but while  editing  the text  the translater turned  it´s

dialog too childish probably underestimating the readers of the magazine - which was still more worse in Finnish translation published in Finland´s

Phantom-magazine. So I was in pains of shame when those tampered Wiggen adventures were published.  Let it be a lesson what it is to work

in a syndicate. 

 Since I was forced to buy a computer because new times came and the publisher wanted to have comic pages sent by internet instead of mailed

copies, I stumbled on many Swedish websites about my Wiggen-serial and found out that there was false information concerning the text-part of

the serial.  The info has been copied from the Fantomen magazines where my boss has made him as scriptwriter and thus  given to websites wrong

information posing to be also ideabank of the serie. Since I contacted those websites the corrections have taken place and now, after many years,

I am the rightful owner of my hard work also in the net.


                        Kari T. Leppänen  -  the creator of Achilles Wiggen