Page 3 from the story Confederate connection.  Phantom travels by sea to London to buy gunboats for

    the Jungle Patrol.   But the trip turns  more complicated  and finally he founds  himself  in America in the

     middle of devasting Civil War between North and South...


                               In London someone is following Phantom in the streets of the town.


       The shipyard with it´s hidden ironclad ship is burned down to kill Phantom, but he manages to escape.

       But who is waiting for him on shore of Thames? 


                                     Finally Phantom arrives to Washinton, Union States. 


                                The president is on his way to watch the battle of Antietam. 


               The assasination is threatening president´s life. Simultaneusly the artillery of Rebs open fire! 


                                 There´s an eyewithness to see the battle of Burnside Bridge... 

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