This picture is shown here because when published in printed matter it was

                                                                                           so small that it is difficult to see what it contains.  The reason for why it was

                                                                                           so microscopic is because the published changed the lenght of story pages

                                                                                           from 32 to 22 and the number of pictures was too high to follow the earlier

                                                                                           routine of 7 pictures per page.  In 32 pages this problem is easier to be

                                                                                           solved because there are more pages to work with, but after the change

                                                                                           it has been difficult and more small pictures must have done to the pages

                                                                                           of this whole 6 part story.  Here is the small picture from the first page of

                                                                                           the entire story enlarged to the size what it was originally drawn :


                                                                                            In the lettered picture in the magazine the dialog bubble is directed

                                                                                            to a wrong person.  In US senate it was usual that the speaker

                                                                                           behaved like an ancient Roman senator stepping forward to make

                                                                                           his speach. 

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