my next comic work


Here is my next phantom work on my desk,

but  the phantom himself is not  involved

in this story  which take place in 1886, his

sister julie is on his place here...

In this story we are in New Zealand, it´s Northern Island and because of the

place which is writers homeplace, I try to do my best with the illustration of

this extraordinary adventure of the female Phantom.


But before we go further let us explain a few facts from the story...

David Bishop, whom stories I have handled many times in my earlier career

in Semic and Egmont has choosed a certain very dramatic period New Zea-

lands history as the background in this story.  In 1886 the worst catastrophy

of the islands happened on the Northern Island.   Mount Tarawera had erup-

ted before in 1315 and now more  largest eruptions took place 1886 right after

 midnight  early   morning  of 10th June when round 30 increasignly strong earth-

quakes were felt  in the   Rotorua area and then the three peaks of the moun-

tain erupted blasting three  distinct colums of smoke of ash and smoke to

a thousands of  metres into the sky.   Then the largest  phaseof the eruption

commenced from all three domes and lasted six hours causing massive des-

truction  annihilating several villages and causing about 120 deaths of people,

nearly all maori.

Mount Tarawera on 10th of June 1886.

David Bishop´s story is named after the ghostly incident  which was told to take

place before the catastrophe. In 31th of May a phantom canoe sped silently ac-

ross the waters of Lake Tarawera in the shadow of   Mount Tarawera it´s out-

line ghostly in the morning mists that a wintry sun  could not quite dispel.Eerie

and uncanny as it all was, the terrified maoris who saw that  all knew that such

a war canoe did not exist in the area and they were terrified. But when they told

about it,   the tourists in the willage   Te Wairoa wanted   see it themselves too.

So also they saw   it when they   were taken to  the lake with the  famous maori

guidess  Sophia Hinerangi.   Then to the Maoris of the willage understood that

the phantom  canoe´s  occurence  had only  one meaning   -     AN OMEN OF




The eruption of Tarawera is not the main object in the story of David Bishop, and

not the destruction  of the main tourist interest  of that time  in New Zealand - the

curious nature phenomenon  "The pink and White terasses".  Those were natural

wonders of  New Zealand and greatest tourist trap  -  until the eruption on Mount

Tarawera. Eruption destroyed them because the terraces were on the mountain-

side of Tarawera and leading down to the lake.

Painting of the White terasses by Charles Blomfield 1884.

The both terasses were unbeliavable nature miracle and best tourist trap in New

Zealand and both were anihilated by the eruption of Mt Tarawera 1886.



One extra trouble has emerged  to illustrate a Phantom story and it concerns all

the world´s  Phantom  production  whereever any  business is creating  their own

stories to print and sell.   The King Features Syndicates in USA has decided that

all Phantom production must send portraits of the main characters from every story

to be made outside the States to sell in public. This order is to check mainly to see

that no racial problem should not arise of how the other race people has been

drawn  -  it has been clearly seen how the comic cartoonists have been showing

at least certain races, orientals and black people for example. So all artists in this

business should make pictures of their story characters and sen them to New

York to be accepted to use in public printed matter.

Here is my work from this story:



Here is illustration of a waka or maori war canoe.

More pictures from the story is coming when

i have started to draw the story

Meanwhile you´ll go the other sites from down here