Xellana is something that I had always wanted to do.  My own version of the burroughsian  way to tell a fantasy  from another world.  As a little boy

I was fascinated of his Martian and Venusian stories.   Those urged me to write my own long story in early sixties,  but I didn´t try to make it in pictu-

res.  In 1987-1988 I did rewrite the story while living in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife.  Few years later I started to draw it and Portti-magazine commen-

ced to publish it in chapters.  Later I sold it to Egmont, which published all  five parts of Xellana in  the  Phantom magazine.   For certain  unfortunate 

circumstances Xellana was not published in Finnish Phantom ( Mustanaamio ), so only the readers of Swedish Fantomen and Portti have seen it.

   As already mentioned, only five parts of Xellana has been  published and that´s all  I´ve made of it.   Egmont  decided to give up other comics of its

own production except the Phantom and I lost my possibility to go on with Xellana ( as well as with Achilles Wiggen ).   I was disappointed, of course,

because the story was interrupted and I had written much more of it to draw.  It was a nasty trick to do for me and for the readers.

   Xellana has been created by the strong  influence by the books of Burroughs,  but it´s also quite different.   It begins like a typical hardcore science

fiction and changes when two survivors of the spacer gone astray land on Xellana.  One of the survivors  is commander John Rauta,    the hero of  the

story, and the other person is his superior, colonel Emerson Dell.  They are separated when they land and John Rauta losts his landing-vessel,  and is

left on unknown world without nothing but his own resourcefulness and his laser gun.


                                                                The first two pages of Xellana. John Rauta wakes up from the coma of centuries...



                                                John Rauta landing on Xellana not knowing that the surface is not terra firma, but bottomless swamp... 



    The soil of Xellana is covered by fungi like another planet I´ve made a story. I love to draw mushrooms, which give an easy alien look.  On Xella-

na the fungi growing on ground dies quickly when disturbed and turn black. 



                                    The inhuman race of Xellana, hordas, capture John Rauta and he meets his first xellanan friend Dan jel Landi...

   Xellana is inhabited by two different races, primitive race of fierce hordas and humanlike race, both hating each other bitterly. Soon after landing on

the planet John Rauta is captured by hordas and meets another captive of his own kind, who teach him his language. Together they manage to escape

and reach finally the nearest town of humans.   John Rauta finds out that he is the reincarnation of an ancient  xellanan hero called  Xellador and that

he has a prophetic obligation to fulfil  -  to lead xellanan people when the great war between two races comes...



                                          John Rauta meets pajathan Dajath, the Jewel Princess of Jathor when he arrives to the town of Cuenartha...