TRELLOS was the second of my two longer science fiction comic novels. It told about a mystery of a cloud-covered, colourless planet that kills every

outsider who dare to land on it´s surface. Couple of scientific research-teams have been there and everyone died a horrible way, turning into spongous

forms before dying.  The Council of  United Planets has decided that by spatial metalaw no one was allowed to land on that damned planet. However,

Jason Jupiter Finn was forced to do that to rescue a kidnapped boy.  The kidnappers had landed on Trellos when they couldn´t reach their safe haven

in their too slow oldfashioned spacer. 


                                                                            The old spacer of the space criminals could never fly any more after rough landing on Trellos...


   I was rather satisfied of Trellos and enjoyed to draw to spongous world of the planet, but a then, before I had finished the pages, I was told

by the publisher that I should shorten the story very radically.  Of course it spoiled the end of the story.  I hope that some day I´d finish Trellos

properly and maybe go on with more adventures of Jason Jupiter Finn.  In Scandinavian Phantom, where it was published, his name was not

that but Jason Danger.

                                                                Below one of the first pages of Trellos...