In 1986  I lived in Puerto de la Crux Tenerife  working with Phantom stories and my own  Achilles Wiggen.   I also went on with a hardcore-

                                                                              scifi comic for a Finnish fan-magazine and  it occurred (when I saw how pitiful was the illustration part in the Finnish scidi-magazines) to make

                                                                              black-and-white pictures for them. There were three different magazines to illustrate ( Portti came later) - Tähtivaeltaja, Aikakone and Ikaros.

                                                                              Then I also made my first coloured cover for Aikakone and after that the other magazines wanted covers also...


                                                                            These four are my first professional cover-artwork during 1986-1990 -  The first three on the left are made in Tenerife, and the cover for Book

                                                                            Studio´s  Galaxy serie in Finland and it was my first cover for that publisher. After that I did more than 80 covers for Book Studio pockets.

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