In 1985 I was living in Tenerife, Canary Island and working only with Phantom stories. Although the work was quite interesting I felt an

urge to do something of my own creation ...

    Then Toni Jerrman, the publisher of the Finnish fan-magazine Tähtivaeltaja ( Starwanderer) contacted me and asked whether I´d like to

make a science-fiction comic for his magazine because there was no comics in it. So I planned a story of an iceclad planet Vsmrta (that is

sanskrit word) which is under threat to be destroyed by nearby black hole.  A starship has been sent to evacuate the possible  colonialists.

The main point of the story is built on a phenomenon that occurs on that remote planet, phenomenon called noosphere. When the rescue-

team arrives on Vsmrta, a queer things happen when planet´s noosphere make living creatures from their thoughts. Finally they found some

survivors of the colonialists, but before that they have critical moments when they´re forced to fight the demoniac creatures, created by the

colonialist, who have been exiled from Earth long time ago belonging to a devilish sect.

    The  hero of the story is Cosmo Raiden, who is half man, half cyborg called a starstriker  -  one of the few left from The Cosmic War some

years ago. Starstrikers are artificially bettered humans, badly wounded in war and after the threatment capable to fight in condisions impos-

sible for normal humans.  The 28-page story was printed in Tähtivaeltaja and later in the Scandinavian Phantom magazine, also in France as

a mini-album and in Romanian science-fiction magazine.  The comic has always been printed only in black and white.


                   The noosphere created demonlike creatures attacking the ship of newcomers on iceplanet Vsmrta.

    Now, after more than 20 years later I look this creation of mine with mixed feelings. Some pictures are all right, but now I´d do the whole

work differently. My choose for the hero being a half-cyborg wasn´t very good, but could be used if I draw him by different way. I was a bit

too hurry with the work and didn´t write any script for it. I just invented it while going on with the pages. But I am not going to make any re-

make of it, I prefer to continue it with totally new story.  If I ever have time for it...

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