Welcome to have a  short look at my comics outside my  Phantom work.   My own comics came to public by a  Finnish comic magazine SARJIS,

which means as  COMICS. This happened 1972 and  the publisher was the Finnish branch of Williams.  It had  its main office in Stockholm.  During

that same year the Swedish Williams started a new comic magazine for girls who had  hobby of riding.  It was called  MIN HÄST  (My Horse)  and

they needed quickly naturalist comic artists to fill that magazine. The editor of SARJIS was well-known Finnish grand old man in comics and working

in Finnish Williams, so it was easy for swedish to hire him.  However the workload was too much for him and he asked me to help him with drawings.

Thus I also was hired to Swedish Williams as a  freelancer artist.  Just couple of years we worked together with the same stories, then Veikko Savo-

lainen, the grand old man of comics, did quit and I was left alone with the horses, stables and little riding girls.  That´ s how my career begun...


   I worked with the riding stories till I started to draw the Phantom in 1978,  but meanwhile I was dealing with other comics also.   Semic bought Wil-

liams and me with it.  The Swedish Semic was largest publisher of comics in Scandinavia and had numeous magazines. I was offered work with few of

those.  Beside my horse stories I made comics to Starlet, Tumac and  Min Hund. All those I quitted when I started my Phantom- work.

   Next separate comics were published in the Phantom magazine, called  FANTOMEN  in swedish . One of the longest was continuing  DEATHGA-

ME, which was dealing with kids fighting a montruous cyberworld being. It was written by Tony de Paul,  who makes text  for the american Phantom

illustrated by Paul Ryan.



   It was fun to draw that Tony´s story with all  its cyberworld  imagination, but I enjoyed  more doing pictures to another script.   This one was done by

Scott Goodall, a Phantom scriptwriter, who lives in Southern France.   His documentary script handled with the rather famous mystery in his neighbour-

hood in a small village called Rennes-le-Chateau. The mystery was dealing with a parish priest of that village at the beginning of 20th Century.  I do not

go further in the background of Scott´s document-serie because plenty of information can be found from Web about that mystery. Dealing with the pic-

tures of that 5-part serial was very workable, but interesting.   Scott mailed to me a heap of refenrence material,  including videotapes from the village.

There was also a comic book made by local artists and that was a great help with certain details. I was quite satisfied of my work and hope that some

day the whole document will possible be published in an album form..



       Beside these works outside of my principal Phantom-career I´ve made  short horrorcomics based on stories of classic writers like Conan Doyle,

Bram Stoker and Stevenson etc. Those have been published in the Scandinavian Phantom magazine as co-products, like also my Wiggen-serial. Below

a couple of examples of those classics and also documents with my own text - The Abominable Snowman and The Curse of Tutankhamun.


                                      Arthur Conan Doyle: "The Fiend of the Cooperage" 



            Ulric Daubeny: "The Sumach"                                                                      Scott Goodall:  "The Ship" 



                  Rudyard Kipling:  "The Mark of the Beast"                                           Bram Stoker:   "The Judge´s House"



                   Robert Louis Stevenson:   "The Bottle Imp"                                               Kari T. Leppänen:   Yeti - The Abominable Snowman



                                                                         Kari T. Leppänen:   The Curse of Tutankhamun 

       These are a few examples of my comics of this sort, there are several more, mainly from Conan Doyle´s early novels which are not his best.

  I had also plans to turn his Holmes-stories into comics, but  when I was willing to do so, they weren´t free from copyright.  Beside these works

  taking place upon our own world, I have done short science fiction-comics which are also published in Scandinavian Phantom.


         Homo Sapiens Novus - or "The Last Ship from Earth" is based                  Sigma Draconis III is a remake from my old comic published in

         on my own novel, that was published in a Finnish science Fiction                all-finnish comic magazine SARJIS in early seventies.

         magazine IKAROS. 


         My principal comics like Phantom, Xellana, Trellos, The Princess of Mars, Wiggen and Raiden are found on their own subsites.