This 2018 finished story is not yet published



     Claes Reimerthi´s historical Phantom story happen in late 16th Century and is dealing with the threath

of abduction of queen Elizabeth. The pope wants to have Elizabeth to be comdemned of her war against the

catholics in her country and orders Jesuit organization (which has already tried to assasinate the queen)

to abduct the queen of England.  The task is given to the same jesuit who tried to assasinate her some years

earlier, but didn´t succeed - the Man with the Silver Nose. 

  In this 3-part story there are involved a few other  persons beside the queen who lived in that period -

William Shakespeare as one of them. 


                             Phantom arrives to England once more.                   As well as the  jesuit assassin Orlando comes with a plan to abduct the queen.


                         In the palace of the queen her minister Sir Walsingham learns that the notorius Orlando has arrived to England and meantime a bunch of men attacks Phantom, but...  


                                                                       Orlando manages to abduct the queen.  Phantom arrives in a coastal town where a visiting theatre has just arriving.



                                                                                            Then Phantom finally meets again Orlando who now has a Silver Nose after a dual accident. 

                                                                                                                                     It is obvious who wins... 

                                                                                             There are two parts coming to fullfill this whole story, but before that

                                                                                              I am going to illustrate another story called:

                                                                                      THE TREASURE OF JEAN lAFITTE 

      updated November 1st 2018 

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