THE NEXT STORY ON MY DRAWING BOARD NOW                                        

This story may be the last of Claes Reimerthi´s works in Phantom because

he is going to leave Egmont, which publish Phantom stories in Sweden and

the stories are also sold  to Australian FREW Phantom magazine. I must say

that  I am  worried when the one of the best scriptwriters is not valuable in

this business any more for I have been  accustomed to his manuscripts and

what happens to me when my work depends on other,  often weaker scripts

and new unknown writers...

But anyway, here is this story still coming... I have always preferred to draw

Reimerthi´s historical scripts, and this one is modern day story but fortunately

taking place in Africa.  The first page is shown here...




                                                                                                              updated 16.2.2021


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