I do not believe that  I´d  ever become a professional comic  artist  if  I hadn´t lived during the "Golden Years of Comics" in my early childhood.

   I practically lived with the versatile abundance of adventurous comics in fifties.  They inspired the small boy to imitate them. I commenced to make 

   my own comics right after learning to read and write, usually in my own handmade magazines.  This devotion to create own magazines full of many

   adventurous comics and written stories of same sort lasted till 1971 and came to an end when I had chanca to make comics published in real. Year

   1971 was significant to career. Then I was accepted to have my comics published in a new finnish comics-magazine called SARJIS.  Publisher was

   Williams, a multi-national syndicate,   and it has it´s main office in Stockholm.   In the same year the swedish Williams had plans to launch their new

   magazine Min Häst (My Horse) for riding-crazy girls.  Because it was a comics-magazine they needed artists.    So I started my professional career

   as a syndicate-artist together with another finnish comics-artist Veikko "Joonas" Savolainen.  At first I helped him with backgrounds, but  after a

   couple of years he did  quit and I went on drawing  little girls and horses until I had a chance to draw the Phantom for the same publisher, that was

   then  changed from Williams Förlags to Semic Press.  Now it´s Egmont Kärnan AB and I still go on with the Phantom as long it will be possible...

   With the Phantom work I finally had returned to my own ground of comics  - back to adventurous stories which I had practised through my child-

   hood and youth.  And to be working with the biggest publisher of comics in Scandinavia,   I was lucky to have many of my own works to be pub-

   lished also.  Now I have done more than a hundred Phantom adventures, but some years ago I was forced to stop my own stories because of  big

  change happening in comics business  -  the sales dropped and publisher reacted by saving money.  Egmont turned down fresh material and star-

   ted to publish only used comics buying them principally from France and Belgium.  So, since then I have worked only with Phantom. 


                                                                  A few of my old homemade magazines from 60s in annual books. 

                                                In 60s I made 2 own magazines and only my family saw them. It was a hobby which ac-

                                                tually was like a school to educate me for my later professional career as a comics ar-

                                                tist and to make those regularly published handwork containing several comics and sto-

                                                ries written by my typewriter made the school, that I had actually started from my early

                                                childhood, to be steady to educate my skill to the point that my artwork was good enough

                                                to make printable publicated comics.

                                                                             Here are some samples what I did during 60s:


                                                                                                                             A few covers from 60s

                                                                                                                 And then few samples from my comics: 


                               The Adventurers from my own script.                                        The Princess of Mars by ERB and also Tarzan.


                                A novel illustartion to my own text.                                         Comic to my own text.               Comic to my own text.

                                                                            There were many more comics, but from these you´ll get an idea of my early works.

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