While I was living in Tenerife, Islas Canarias during 80s  I started to send my black-and-white drawings and acrylic covers to

                         Finnish Science Fiction magazines just for fun. The bw-pictures were not more than decoration images for the pages, without

                         any connection with the novels which the magazines published - and same was with the coloured covers.  I hadn´t worked with

                         acrylic-colours before and it was a sort of challence to try those.  Later, after I had returned to Finland in 1990 I was asked

                         to make also novel illustrations, mostly in the magazine called Portti ( gate).  Here are  illustrations for Portti and other ma-


                                                                                              BLACK-AND-WHITE PICTURES


                   Ray Bradbury novel:  A sound of Thunder                               Decoration image                                                Black-and-white cover


                                                 Image for my own novel                                                                                                                Decoration image


                                                                                Decoration image                                                                                                  Decoration image

                                                                                                           COLOURED NOVEL PICTURES 


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