The covers of Phantom by Kari T. Leppänen

   Even if I have illustrated numerous Phantom-arventures, there are not many covers that I have done for the Phantom-magazine in Sweden

and Finland. In those I have used acrylic-colours, but here are also two covers made after my drawings and colored by artists in the depart-

men of Fantomen in Stoclholm. I have left out some covers that have been made by swedish Rolf Gohs after my drawings, because he have

painted them in his way.





                                                                   A finnish albumcover                               Phantom published in India                  Small Phantom-comics book



                                                 These two covers were not used because the editor of the Swedish Fantomen magazine

                                                 wanted the pictures in black and white. Covers are for two-part Phantom story written

                                                  by  Claes Reimerthi and to be published in 2017. Below the not coloured covers:



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