This Phantom adventure was my 100s Phantom work and I was very happy for that because the story and specially the

      historical period and the backround of the story contained indians of the 18th century in Canada - hurons and iroquois.

      But the first part of the story took place in France and there was many pictures inside the Palace of Versailles of the

      king Louis XIV. It took some time to collect information of what the palace, which was under rebuilding during that

      time, would look just in year 1689. 

      So, the story begins  when Phantom (as Walker of course) arrives to the palace where his cousin count Philippe de Ro-

      han waits him. During the great masquerade ball he meets the king and finds out that there are serious disagreement

      between king and the count.


                         The king has forced all important noble families to live in Versailles and demand that also count´s

                         family must do so.   When de Rohan  family refuses to do so it is very  suspicious in king´s mind.

                         So the the suspicious and despotic Louis decide to get rid of the young count  and an assassin has

                         orders to kill him.  When Phantom travels in a coach with his cousin and that´s sister the assassin

                         strikes and shots Philippe.  But that is not enough for the king, because Philippe has a brother who

                         is in Canada that was occupied by France and called Nouvelle France. And the king wants him dead

                         too.  And after that the story moves to the the wilderness of Canada and turns interesting to draw... 


                       Assassin and his bunch of villains attack the coach. Then  Phantom has to take a ship to Canada to find Philippe´s brother, but the assas-

                       sin has the same target and is aboard the same ship. Soon after arriving Canada Phantom finds out the brother of murdered Philippe who

                       is now the target of assassin called Mixerin is disppeared somewhere in vast canadian wilderness.


           While Phantom is trying to find out the whereabouts of Rohan Mixering is doing to same and hires indians and trappers to help him.  Also Phantom gets

           help when he make friends with a young huron who actually knows where to look for Philippe´s brother. And now I as the illustrator of the story get fi-

           nally to the most inspired part of the entire work - to draw wild indians and forest surroundings.  There has not been many possibilities to draw something

           like that which has been my great interest in my drawings before I turner professional artist and with this work I tried hard to be my best. Actually I had

           drawn the indians of that same period only once beside my wild west homecomics and that was when I make a comic from Zane Grey´s book  "The Spirit

           of the Border" which was actually the writers second novel about his ancestors heroism during American Revolutionary War.


             Phantom and his new huron friend start to find Philippe´s brother who is living in a huron village and along their way to there they find other

             huron villages destroyed by their enemies iroquouis who actually forced their survivors escape and seek refuge from wyandot tribe. Hurons

             started to call also themselves by the same tribal name from that point.  Of course Phantom and his friend finally meet Philippe´s brother

             and after a battle when Mixering hired iroquouis and trappers attack the village where they are the story reaches its ordinary happy end.


                                                                                   Covers of Swedish and Ausralian magazines for this story. 




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