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             This published version of  Burroughs´ first Martian novel was not my very first try to turn this charming story into pictures.

             Late sixties I commenced to make A Princess of Mars as a comic in my own homemade magazine. Below are two pages

             from that enterprise  -  one of them is the last page I made, there is not even text on it... 


When I started the same job again in 1991  it was not so very difficult as it would be if I hadn´t  done it before. I could use many

referencies straight from the earlier work.  I had once invented the outlook of many things about the story. One thing was a dis-

appointment  -  I had used in sixties certain colors,  which I couldn´t find any more. They were very nice   colors made for colo-

loring photographs, very bright and easy to use.    After fruitless search for them I was forced to use acrylic with my new pictu-

res.  At the moment PORTTI-magazine has published my John Carter of Mars  in four issues, but some 20 pages have been wai-

ting to be printed at least three years.   The publishing rate has been so slow that I do not believe any more that I´d ever have

even the first of Burroughs´ Martian book finished.   When I started the job,  I had in my mind to handle all first three books,

which are the best that Burroughs has written about Barsoom. 

                   My comic-version of Burroughs´ A Princess of Mars  is printed in five PORTTI-magazines: 

          PORTTI  2/1991          PORTTI  2/1992            PORTTI  1/1994              PORTTI  2/2002             PORTTI  2/2013

The first part of this comics was published in an issue which was dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs and beside the comic, I

also wrote three articles about ERB, his biography, his writings and the movies of Tarzan. The best source of information

was Irwin Porges´ book  "The Man Who Created Tarzan".  There was also other articles written by other persons and for

those and mine too, I made pictures from the different books of ERB to decorate the text.  The title of my comic has been

changed because of the movie-project of "A Princess of Mars". When Disney got the rights for it, it also had the copyright

for several version of names including "John Carter", "Barsoom" etc.  I started my comic-version under the name "John

Carter of Mars", and then I was forced to rename it as "The Hero of Mars". 


                     The Burroughs-special of PORTTI                                          One of the pictures from Burroughs-special issue. 


                       This picture has been used in France as a calendar-image by Jean-Pierre Moumon. Then it was black-

                       and-white drawing and in that form it was also published in PORTTI ERB-special. I colored it in Pho-

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