I was stunned when I opened my Email on 25th July and saw the

message from my American friend who had a large netsite of the

Phantom in States.  There was the message  which  said  that the

famous   Phantom  writer  Claes Reimerthi  has passed  away on

23th July.

I could not believe that it was true - Claes was just left his work

in Egmont and told me   that now he was free to  go on  with his

planned  projects  of writing  when  so much  of his time  didn´t

passed to write Phantom scripts.  He sounded relieved and loo-

ked forward with energy... So the news of his sudden death soun-

ded tragical and not fair.

 But it was  true as I  very soon  learned. The best  scriptwriter of

Egmont  was gone  and no skillfull   scripts was  ever given from

 him to me to   illustrate.  After 47 stories  which I had done from

his  scripts  not  even one  will never been sent  to me any more.


  One of the sad matters with me and Claes was that we had met on-

ly one  time.   It happened   during the  Gotherburg  Book  Fair in

2004 when me and my wife Kaarina were invited there by Egmont.

The meeting, in spite that we were there some few days, happened

when Ulf Granberg  invited all of us  Fantomen-group visitors to a

dinner  in Fair´s  best  restaurant and  then there  we were - Ulf,

Claes Reimerhi, Hans Lindahl, my wife and me sitting at the tab-

le and speaking  whatever  we spoke - I do not remember, except

that Claes told us about some projects which he had in his mind.

His behavior was modest and amiable and now when he is gone

I regret that we had never possibility to see each other again.

Rest in peace, Claes

Kari T. Leppänen - Phantom artist


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