This previous Phantom work has not been published yet. 

                                           The present work on my desk:


  Claes Reimerthi´s historical Phantom story happen in late 16th Century and is dealing with the threath

of abduction of queen Elizabeth. The pope wants to have Elizabeth to be comdemned of her war against the

catholics in her country and orders Jesuit organization (which has already tried to assasinate the queen)

to abduct the queen of England.  The task is given to the same jesuit who tried to assasinate her some years

earlier, but didn´t succeed - the Man with the Silver Nose. 

  In this 3-part story there are involved a few other  persons beside the queen who lived in that period -

William Shakespeare as one of them.  The first part will be published next year.

      updated August 27th 2018 

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