This next Phantom work on my desk is placed  modern time and takes place in Somerset,

                                       England in Glastonbury - a mythical place for thousands of turists. Even the tomb of king

                                       Arthur and Guinevere are supposed to be there and is the main reason to lure Phantom´s

                                       archaelogist friend Minerva to find that grave. 


                                              The story starts in Bengali Ethnographic Museum where Minerva is working. 


                                     Minerva arriving to Glastonbury.                                   Glastonbury Tor,  Chalice Well and town view.


                                                  The main site where all the action took its place is Glastonbury Abbey,

                                                  the ruins destroyed and robber by king Henry VIII.   


                                                       When Phantom has a nightmare where Minerva´sc life is in peril, he inmedia-

                                                       tely goes to England to save his friend. cMeanwhile Minerva´s adventure has

                                                       its start when she sees the ghost monk in the the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. 


                                                                            When Phantom comes to Glastonbury worried about Minerva Brooks because

                                                                            the nightmare he dreamed in Skull cave, he found out that his friend has been

                                                                            disappeare.  Finally Phantom finds his way to the labyriths under Lady´s Chapel

                                                                            and what is going there...


                                                                     His nightmare has turner to be real and now he must save is archeology  friend !!!


                                                                                                  The story continues in the next issue:


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    Updated 25.8.2017